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PERI MIS Quarterly: Management Information Systems. Special issue: Transformational issues of big data and analytics in networked business
Rai, Arun ; red. Minneapolis : Management Information Systems Research Center, dic., 2016
TFDC Analítica aplicada a la asistencia y seguimiento de la atención a los niños de hasta 3 años
Caetano Barrios, Richard Martín Montevideo : Universidad ORT Uruguay, 2016
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IMPR Big data: principles and best practices of scalable real-time data systems
Marz, Nathan Shelter Island : Manning, (c)2015
1 CEN 658.403 8 MAR Reservar
IMPR Cloud computing: a hands-on approach
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1 CEN 005.276 9 BAH Reservar
IMPR Software architecture for big data and the cloud
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1 CEN 005.12 MIS Reservar
IMPR Big data fundamentals: concepts, drivers & techniques
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1 CEN 006.312 ERL Reservar
TFDC Mapeo sistemático y evaluación de arquitecturas de software para contextos de big data
Russo Ibañez, Juan Pablo Montevideo : Universidad ORT Uruguay, 2018
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IMPR Big data in practice: how 45 successful companies used big data analytics to deliver extraordinary
Marr, Bernard West Sussex : Wiley, (c)2016
1 CEN 658.834 43 MAR Reservar
TFDC Modelo para la evaluación de buenas prácticas de gobernanza de Big Data
Carlos Airaudo, Ruben Darío Montevideo : Universidad ORT Uruguay, 2019
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RECE Catálogo de arquitecturas de software y tácticas arquitectónicas para contextos de big data
Russo, Juan Pablo n.15 Montevideo : Universidad ORT Uruguay. Facultad de Ingeniería, 2019
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TFDC Modelo de madurez para gobernanza de Big Data
Armellino Russi, Pablo Martín Montevideo : Universidad ORT Uruguay, 2019
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IMPR Big data governance: an emerging imperative
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2 CEN 658.403 8 SOA Reservar
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1 CEN 005.758 VAD Reservar
IMPR Apache Hive essentials: essential techniques to help you process, and get unique insights from, big data
Du, Dayong 2da. ed. Birmingham : Packt Publishing, (c)2018
1 CEN 005.758 DUD 2da. ed. Reservar
IMPR Mastering Hadoop 3: big data processing at scale to unlock unique business insights
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1 CEN 005.758 SIN Reservar
IMPR Apache Solr search patterns: leverage the power of Apache Solr to power up your business by navigating your users to their data quickly and efficiently
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1 CEN 005.758 KUM Reservar
IMPR Mastering Apache Solr 7.x: an expert guide to advancing, optimizing, and scaling your enterprise search
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1 CEN 005.758 NAI Reservar
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