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Rethinking environmental history
World-system history and global environmental change
Hornborg, Alf, ed.; McNeill, John R., ed.; Martínez Alier, Joan, ed.
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Lanham: Altamira, c2007
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xi, 408 p. il., grafs., maps. 23 x 16 cm.
Contiene: Introduction: environmental history as political ecology.- I. The environment in world-system history: tracing social processes in nature.- 1. Environmental impacts of the roman economy and social structure: Augustus to Diocletian. 2. "People said extinction was not possible": two thousand years of environmental change in South China. 3. Precolonial landesque capital: a global perspective. 4. Food, war and crisis: the seventeenth-century swedish empire. 5. The role deforestation in earth and world-system integration. 6. Silver, ecology and the origins of the modern world, 1450-1640. 7. Trade, "trinkets" and environmental change at the edge of world-systems: political ecology and the east african ivory trade. 8. Steps to an environmental history of the western llanos of Venezuela: a world-system perspective. 9. The extractive economy: an early phase of the globalization of diet and it´s environmental consequences. 10. Yellow Jack and geopolitics: environment, epidemics and the struggles for empire in the American tropics, 1640-1830.- II. Ecology and unequal exchange: unraveling environmental injustice in the modern world.- 11. Marxism, social metabolism and international trade. 12. Natural values and the physical inevitability of uneven development under capitalism. 13. Footprints in the cotton fields: the industrial revolution as time-space appropriation and the environmental load displacement. 14. Uneven ecological exchange and consumption-based environmental impacts: a cross-national investigation. 15. Combining social metabolism and input-output analyses to account for ecologically unequal trade. 16. Physical trade flows of pollution-intensive products: historical trends in Europe and the world. 17. Environmental issues at the U.S.-Mexico border and the unequal territorialization of value. 18. Surrogate money, technology and the expansion of savanna soybeans in Brazil. 19. Scale and dependency in world-systems: local societies in convergent evolution. 20. The ecology and the economy: what is rational?
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Globalization and the environment series
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333.7 / HOR
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