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Good charts
the HBR guide to making smarter, more persuasive data visualizations
Berinato, Scott
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Boston: Harvard Business Review, c2016
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255 p. il., grafs., maps. 25 x 19 cm.
Contiene: Introduction. A new language and a necessary craft.- I. Understand.- 1. A brief history of dataviz. The art and science that built a new language. 2. When a chart hits our eyes. Some science of how we see.- II. Create.- 3. Two questions - four types. A simple typology for chart making. 4. Better charts in a couple of hours: a simple framework.- III. Refine.- 5. Refine to impress. Getting to the "feeling behind our eyes". 6. Refine to persuade. Three steps to more persuasive charts. 7. Persuasion or manipulation?. The blurred edge of truth.- IV. Present and practice.- 8. Present to persuade. Getting a good chart to their eyes and into their minds. 9. Visual crit. How to practice looking a (and making) good charts.- Conclusion.- Keep going.
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