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Public finance and public policy
Gruber, Jonathan
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New York: Worth Publishers, c2016
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xxvii, 810, [54] p. il., grafs. 26 x 21 cm.
Contiene: I. Introduction and background. 1. Why study public finance? 2. Theoretical tools of public finance. 3. Empirical tools of public finance. 4 Budget analysis and deficit financing.- II. Externalities and public goods. 5. Externalities: problems and solutions. 6. Externalities in action: environmental and health externalities. 7. Public goods. 8. Cost-benefit analysis. 9. Political economy. 10. State and local government expenditures. 11. Education.- III. Social insurance and redistribution. 12. Social insurance: the new function of government. 13. Social security. 14. Unemployment insurance, disability insurance, and workers’ compensation. 15. Health insurance I: Health economics and private health insurance. 16. Health insurance. II: Medicare, medicaid, and health care reform. 17. Income distribution and welfare programs.- IV. Taxation in theory and practice. 18. Taxation: how it works and what it means. 19. The equity implications of taxation: tax incidence. 20. Tax inefficiencies and their implications for optimal taxation. 21. Taxes on labor supply. 22. Taxes on savings. 23. Taxes on risk taking and wealth. 24. Taxation of business income. 25. Fundamental tax reform and consumption taxation.
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