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Interest and prices
Foundations of a theory of monetary policy
Woodford, Michael
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Princeton: Princeton University, c2003
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xv, 785 p. grafs. 25 x 17 cm.
Contiene: Preface. 1. The return of monetary rules. 2. The importance of policy commitment. 3. Monetary policy without control of a monetary aggregate. 4. Interest-rate rules. 5. Plan of the book.- I. Analytical framework. 2. Price-level determination under interest-rate rules. 1. Price-level determination in a cashless economy. 2. Alternative interest-rate rules. 3. Price-level determination with monetary frictions. 4. Self-fulfilling inflations and deflations.- 3. Optimizing models with nominal rigidities. 1. A basic sticky-price model. 2. Inflation dynamics with staggered pricesetting. 3. Delayed effects of nominal disturbances on inflation. 4. Consequences of nominal wage stickiness.- 4. A neo-wicksellian framework for the analysis of monetary policy. 1. A basic model of the effects of monetary policy. 2. Interest-rate rules and price stability. 3. Money and aggregate demand. 4. Fiscal requirements for price stability.- 5. Dynamics of the response to monetary policy. 1. Delayed effects of monetary policy. 2. Some small quantitative models. 3. Monetary policy and investments dynamics.- II. Optimal policy. 6. Inflation stabilization and welfare. 1. Approximation of loss functions and optimal policies. 2. A utility-based welfare criterion. 3. The case for price stability. 4. Extensions of the basic analysis. 5. The case of larger distortions.- 7. Gains from commitment to a policy rule. 1. The optimal long-run inflation target. 2. Optimal responses to disturbances. 3. Optimal simple policy rules. 4. The optimal state-contingent instrument path as a policy rule. 5. Commitment to an optimal targeting rule.- 8. Optimal monetary policy rules. 1. A general linear-quadratic framework. 2. Optimal inflation targeting rules. 3. Optimal interest-rate rules. 4. Reflections on currently popular policy proposals.-
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