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Routledge handbook of modern economic history
Whaples, Robert, ed.; Parker, Randall E., ed.
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London: Routledge, c2013
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xvi, 352 p. grafs. 25 x 18 cm.
Contiene: I. The methods of modern economic history. 1. Economic history and cliometrics / Louis P. Cain, Robert Whaples. 2. The new institutional economics and economic History / Tomas Nonnenmacher. 3. Measuring economic growth and the standard of living / Lee A. Craig. 4. Anthropometric history: heights, weights and economic conditions / Scott Alan Carson.- II. Influences on economic growth and stagnation. 5. The causes of economic growth / Robert A. Margo. 6. Economic history of technological change / B. Zorina Khan. 7. Economic history and entrepreneurship / Robert Whaples. 8. Economic history and competition policy / Werner Troesken. 9. The evolutionary roots of economic history / Philip R.P. Coelho. 10. The Economic history of war and defense / Jari Eloranta. 11. Business Cycles / Christopher Hanes. 12. The economic history of financial panics / Andrew Jalil.- III. Individual economic sectors. 13. Economic history and religion / John E. Murray. 14. The economic history of agriculture / Giovanni Federico. 15. Modern transport since 1700: a momentous achievement / Dan Bogart. 16. Economic history and the healthcare industry / Melissa Thomason. 17. The economic history of banking / Richard S. Grossman. 18. The economic history of entertainment and sports / Michael Haupert.- 4. The work force and human outcomes. 19. Inequality in economic history / Thomas N. Maloney, Nathaniel Cline. 20. The evolution of labor markets / Michael Huberman. 21. Labor unions and economic history / Gerald Friedman. 22. The economic history of education / David Mitch. 23. The economic history of immigration / Raymond L. Cohn. 24. The modern economic history of slavery / Jenny Wahl. 25. The economic history of urbanization / Fred Smith. 26. The changing economic roles of women / Joyce Burnette. 27. African Americans in the U.S. economy since emancipation / William A. Sundstrom.-
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