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Dissent! Refracted
Histories, aesthetics and cultures of dissent
Dorfman, Ben, ed.
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Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 2016
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230 p. il., fot. 22 x 15 cm.
Contiene: Refractions: dissent and memory.- The history, paradoxes and utility of dissent: from state to global action.- History as dissent: independent historians in the late soviet era and post-soviet Russia: from "pamiat" to "memorial".- Dissent as race war: the strange case of Amiri Baraka.- The tea party: an ethical all-american performance.- Intellectual identity and student dissent in Indonesia in the 1970s.- Angry young architects: counterculture and the critique of modernism in Brisbane, 1967-1972.- "But that is perhaps why I can talk of where I want to be without always being dragged back to my starting point": rethinking and re(-)membering Czech and Slovak histories of violence and dissidence through the historical "infranovel".- Intellectuals and dissent: Dennis Rodman, memory refractor.- Jean-Paul Sartre and the post-1968 ethic of anti-representationalism.
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Political and social change / ; v.3
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303.4 / DORd
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