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Pioneers of Soviet architecture
The search for new solutions in the 1920s and 1930s
Khan-Magomedov, Selim O.
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New York: Rizzoli, 1987
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618 p. il., planos, fot. 28 x 25 cm.
Contiene: Introduction. Main stages in the development of socialist architecture in the USSR.- Part I. Aesthetic problems of design. 1. Classicism, the Moderne (Art Noveau), engineering structures and the new architecture. 2. Interaction between architecture and fine art. 3. The search for a new artistic language: the early period. 4. Rationalism. 5. Constructivism. 6. Creative innovation in the second half of the 1920s: teachers, schools, groupings. 7. The problem of nationalism and internationalism. 8. Innovation and tradition: debatyes of the early 1930s.- Part II. Social tasks of architecture. 1. The socialist pattern of settlement and town-planning concepts. 2. Reconstruction of the way of life and development of new forms of dwelling. 3. New types of building for social and administrative purposes in the Soviet Union. 4. Workers' clubs as centres of a new socialist culture. 5. Design of new public arenas: problems posed by Agit, Art, mass spectacle and scientific displays. 6. Development of communal supply and service systems. 7. Education and science. 8. Sport and leisure.- Part III. Masters and trends: biographies, statements, manifestos. 1. New architecture and it trends. 2. The leaders of the new direction. 3. Architectural associations of the new direction.
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