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Origins of terrorism
psychologies, ideologies, theologies, states of mind
Reich, Walter, ed.
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Washington: Woodrow Wilson Center, c1998
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xiii, 289 p. ; 23 x 16 cm.
Contiene: Preface. Introduction. I. Strategy or Psychology?: Origins of Terrorist Behaviour. 1. The logic of terrorism: terrorist behaviour as a product of strategic choice Martha Crenshaw. 2. Terrorist psycho-logic: terrorist behaviour as a product of psychological forces Jerrold M. Post.- II. Varieties of Terrorism: Ideological and religious motivations. 3. Ideology and rebellion: terrorism in West Germany Konrad Kellen. 4. Ideology and repentance: terrorism in Italy Franco Ferracuti. 5. The psychopolitical formation of extreme left terrorism in a democracy: the case of the weathermen Ehud Sprinzak. 6. Terrorism in democracies: its social and political bases Ted Robert Gurr. 7. Sacred terror: a contemporary example from Islam David C. Rapoport. 8. The moral logic of Hizballah Martin Kramer. III. States of Mind: How do terrorists think? which psychological mechanisms enable them to do what they do?: 9. Mechanism of moral disengagement Albert Bandura. 10. The readiness to kill and die: suicidal terrorism and indiscriminate violence in the Middle East Ariel Merari.- IV. Responding to terrorism: Decision-making and the pressures on leadership. 11. Hostage taking, the presidency, and stress Margaret G. Hermann and Charles F. Hermann. 12. Taking vows: the domestication of policy-making in hostage incidents Gary Sick.- V. The psychology of terrorism: what Can we know, what must we learn? 13. Questions to be answered, research to be done, knowledge to be applied Martha Crenshaw. 14. Understanding terrorist behaviour: the limits and opportunities of psychological inquiry Walter Reich.-
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