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The ABCs of how we learn
26 scientifically proven approaches, how they work, and when to use them
Schwartz, Daniel L.; Tsang, Jessica M.; Blair, Kristen P.
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New York: W. W. Norton, c2016
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xvi, 366 p. il., grafs., fot. 24 x 16 cm.
Contiene: A is for analogy. Finding the general principle. B is for belonging. Silencing anxiety and buying in. C is for contrasting cases. Discerning critical information. D is for deliberate practice. Becoming an expert. E is for elaboration. Making memories meaningful. F is for feedback. Supporting self-improvement. G is for generation. Building lasting memories. H is for hands on. Recruiting the body's intelligence. I is for imaginative play. Developing cognitive control. J is for just-in-time telling. Making lectures and readings work. K is for knowledge. Essay on efficiency and innovation in knowledge. L is for listening and sharing. Learning more together than alone. M is for making. Producing interest and practical knowledge. N is for norms. Cultivating the rules of the game. O is for observation. Imitating feelings and procedures. P is for participation. Getting into the game. Q is for question driven. Creating a reason to inquire. R is for reward. Motivating behavior. S is for self-explanation. Going beyond the information given. T is for teaching. Taking responsibility for others' understanding. U is for undoing. overcoming misconceptions and misplaced reasoning. V is for visualization. Inventing structure for complex information. W is for worked examples. Acquiring skills and procedures. X is for excitement. Turning up attention and arousal. Y is for yes i can. Increasing self-efficacy. Z is for zzzs. Consolidating the memories of the day.
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