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The mystery of Kibbutz
Egalitarian principles in a capitalist world
Abramitzky, Ran
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Princeton: Princeton University, c2018
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vi, 343 p. grafs., maps., fot. 24 x 16 cm.
Contiene: I. The rise. 1. How my grandparents helped create a kibbutz. 2. A bird's-eye view. 3. Why an economist might create a kibbutz.- II. The survival. 4. On the creation versus survival of societies. 5. The free-rider problem. 6. The adverse selection and brain drain problems. 7. The problem of human capital investment.- III. The fall. 8. The shift away from equal sharing. 9. Why some kibbutzim remained egalitarian and others did not. 10. The consequences of rising income inequality. 11. In the (lack of) stability of communes: an economic perspective. 12. Economic lessons in a nutshell. 13. Epilogue.
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Princeton economic history of the western world
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303 / ABR
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