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Principles of public international law
Brownlie, Ian
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Oxford: Oxford University, c2008
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li, 784 p. ; 25 x 17 cm.
Contiene: I. Preliminary topics.- 1. Sources of the law. 2. The relation of municipal and international law. II. Personality and recognition.- 3. Subjects of the law. 4. Incidence and continuity of statehood. 5. Recognition of states and governments.- III. Territorial sovereignty.- 6. Territorial sovereignty. 7. The creation and transfer of territorial sovereignty. 8. Status of territory: further problems.- IV. Law of the sea.- 9. Territorial sea, contiuous zones and exclusive economic zones. 10. The continental shelf: delimitation of shelf areas and exclusive economic zones. 11. The regime of the high seas.- V. Common amenities and co-operation in the use of resources.- 12. Common amenities and co-operation in the use of resources. 13. Legal aspects of the protection of the environment.- VI. State jurisdiction.- 14. Sovereignty and equality of states. 15. Jurisdictional competence. 16. Privileges and immunities of foreign states. 17. Diplomatic and consular relations. 18. Reservations from territorial sovereignty.- VII. Rules of attribution (apart from territorial sovereignty and state jurisdiction).- 19. The relations of nationality. 20. Some rules of attribution: corporations and specific assets.- VIII. The law of responsability.- 21. The responsability of states. 22. The admissibility of state claims. 23. A system of multilateral public order: some incidents of illegality and the concepts of jus cogens.- IX. The protection of individuals and groups.- 24. Injury to the persons and property of aliens on state territory. 25. The protection of individuals and groups: human rights and self-determination. 26. International criminal justice.- X. International transactions.- 27. The law of treaties. 28. Other transactions including agency and representation.- XI. Transmission of rights and duties.- 29. State succession. 30. Other cases of transmission of rights and duties.- XII. International organizations and tribunals.- 31. International organizations. 32. The judicial settlement of international disputes.- XIII. The use or threat of force by states.- 33. The use or threat of force by states.
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