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International law
Cassese, Antonio
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Oxford: Oxford University, c2005
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liii, 558 p. ; 25 x 17 cm.
Contiene: I. Origins and foundations of the international community.- 1. The main legal features of the international community. 2. The historical evolution of the international community. 3. The fundamental principles governing international relations.- II. Subjects of the international community.- 4. States as the primary subjects of international law. 5. The spatial dimension of state activities. 6. Limitations on state soverignty: immunities and treatment of individuals. 7. Other international legal subjects.- III. Creation and implementation of international legal standards.- 8. International law-creation: custom. 9. Treaties. 10. Other lawmaking processes. 11. The hierarchy of rules in international law: the role of jus cogens. 12. The implementation of international rules within national systems.- IV. Breaches of international law and their consequences.- 13. International wrongful acts and the legal reaction thereto. 14. Promoting compliance with law and preventing or settling disputes. 15. Enforcement.- V. Contemporary issues in international law.- 16. The role of the United Nations. 17. UN sanctions and collective security. 18. Unilateral resort to force by states. 19. The protection of human rights. 20. Legal restrains on violence in armed conflict. 21. The repression of international crimes. 22. The international response to terrorism. 23. Protection of the environment. 24. Legal attempts at narrowing the north-south gap.
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