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Another Architecture
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Amsterdam: Frame, ago.-sep. 2016
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Contiene: Notice board.- Cross section. Building regulations in Norway are firmly embedded in the modernist view of what is good living. Into the Labyrinth, France's new Ministry of Defense is an impenetrable fortress / ANMA. A Farewell to Mowing Laws, Tor Austigard updates the wooden Nordic coastal townhouse / Austigard Architektur. Contemporary Ruin, Christ & Gantenbein have given the extension to the Kunstmuseum Basel an archaic look / Christ & Gantenbein. Stepping uo the view, Max Núñez's beach house in Zapallar is all about stairs / Max Núñez Arquitectos. Café in waiting, for a young couple in Tokyo, Mamm designed a house that's punctured by a small café / Mamm Design. Friendly and dutiful, Most stereotypes tend to have a bad connotation, but not in this case / Mind Architects Collective. Post-industrial Chic, Arkitektur + Development exploits the raw beauty of abandoned factories / Arkitektur + Development.- Perspective. "Renovation comes with limitations that makes the design process easier." The Japanese Renovation Movement, Cathelijne Nuijsink. Jo Nagasaka has made a career out of renovating houses. House in Hatogaya / Schemata. House in Tsutsujigaoka / Schemata. 403 Architecture Dajiba takes advantage of discarded materials. The Base of Kagiya / 403 Architecture Dajiba. The Depth of Yoyogi / 403 Architecture Dajiba. The Stairs of Kagiya / 403 Architecture Dajiba. Members of a generation reiased in abundance, Shingo Masuda and Katsuhisa Otsubo llok for ways to imrpove the existing situation. Boundary Window / Shingo Masuda + Katsuhisa Otsubo. Living Pool / Shingo Masuda + Katsuhisa Otsubo.- Long section. Adaptation. SelgasCano's temporary pavilion for a museum in Denmark gained a second life in Kenya as a school, Jessica Collins. Crossing borders. Not far from the fence that marks the border between Mexico and The United States, Gabriel Huerta designed a university building that connects with the community, Katya Tylavich. The Venetian Front, Architecture Biennale.- Custard or Champagne, The Forum des Halles / Patrick Berger & Jacques Anziutti Architectes. System of Shadows / Aires Mateus. Everybody wants to be Dubai / Yasser El Sheshtawy. Back to basics / Liu Jiakun Architects. Bridging the gap / Christ & Gantenbein. Free from technology / Tino Schaedler. Nature Class / Mario Cucinella Architects.-
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