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Journal of the Melbourne School of Design
Pie de imprenta:
Melbourne: Melbourne University Press, nov. 2015
Vol., no.:
vol. 02
Contiene: Editorial. Gestation, process, precision: a conversation with Francesca Hughes.- Transmit / Outward - 2015 Inflection Exhibition.- Jeanne Gang. Inside Studio Gang: on making and drawing.- Sota Ichikawa / doubleNegatives Architecture. Projecting de world. Through Networks.- Experiments in diagram: catalysing new discoveries + challenging the habitual, Robert Ventresca.- Potential for surprise, Stanislav Roudavski.- Loose control: contemporary implications for digital drawing, Alexa Gower.- Phenomenology and drawing in architectural representation / Alberto Pérez-Gómez + Angeliki Sioli.- On fiction, proecess and the architect, Blank Space.- Cryptonomy: the rise of digital currency / Adrian Bonaventura.- Material, texture, surface: thoughts on drawing, Alex Hamilton.- Deep surface: on the situation of drawing, Sophia Banou. Project through projections: Leonardo Da Vinci's Design Process, Fabio Colonnese + Marco Carpiceci.- Global imaginations: projection versus reality in Indian Megaprojects, Katie Petros.- From here to now-here: reflections on non-linear time, Michael McLoughlin.- Superimposed: projected narratives, memory and the city, Ariani Anwar.- Building a lost past: Louis Kahn's four freedoms park, Paul Broches FAIA.- Stoa, Alexandra Bell. From prison to village: the architectural reframing of Melbourne' Dark Past, Timmah Ball.- Cities of agency: rethinking the everyday, Amelyn Ng.- Living in the city: high-rise in Melbourne, karl Fender.-
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