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The essentials of project management
Autor(es) institucionales:
Harvard Business School
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Boston, Alexandria: Harvard Business School, Society for Human Resource Management, c2005
Descripción física:
xxii, 326 p. ; 24 x 16 cm.
Contiene: 1. Project management and the hr professional: a key competency.- 2. Project management as a process: four phases.- 3. The cast of characters: who's who in project management.- 4. A written charter: your marching orders.- 5. A framework for action: important first steps.- 6. Work breakdown: from huge job to manageable tasks.- 7. Scheduling the work: putting the horse before the cart.- 8. Adjustments and trade-offs: more fine tuning.- 9. Managing risk: scanning the hazy horizon.- 10. Project adaptation: dealing with what you cannot anticipate.- 11. Getting off on the right foot: project needs to keep in mind.- 12. Keeping on track: maintaining control.- 13. The closedown phase: wrapping it up.- 14. Managing varied hr projects: achieving your desired results.- 15. Supporting critical high-level projects: hr's vital role.- 16. Next steps: honing your project management skills.
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Business literacy for HR professionals
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658.404 / HAR
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[Material Impreso]