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Approaches to world order
Cox, Robert W.; Sinclair, Timothy J.
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Cambridge: Cambridge University, c1996
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xvi, 552 p. ; 23 x 15 cm.
Contiene: Part I. Overviews: 1. Beyond international relations theory: Robert W. Cox and approaches to world order / Timothy J. Sinclair.- 2. Influences and commitments.- Part II. Theory: 3. The idea of international labour regulation (1953).- 4. Realism, positivism and historicism (1985).- 5. On thinking about future world order (1976).- 6. Social forces, states, and world orders: beyond international relations: an essay in method (1983).- 7. Gramsci, hegemony and international relations: an essay in method (1983).- 8. Towards a post-hegemonic conceptualisation of world-order: reflections on the relevancy of Ibn Khaldun (1992).- 9. 'Take six eggs': theory, finance, and the real economy in the work of Susan Strange (1992).- Part III. Interpretations: 10. The global political economy and social choice (1991).- 11. 'Real socialism' in historical perspective (1991).- 12. Structural issues of global governance: implications for Europe (1991).- 13. Middlepowermanship, Japan, and future world order (1989).- 14. Production and security (1993).- 15. Global perestroika (1992).- Part IV. Multilateralism: 16. The executive head: an essay on leadership in international organization (1969).- 17. Decision making (with Harold K. Jacobson) (1977).- 18. Ideologies and the New International Economic Order: reflections on some recent literature (1979).- 19. Labour and hegemony (1977).- 20. Labour and hegemony: a reply (1980).- 21. Multilateralism and world order (1992).- 22. Globalization, multilateralism, and democracy (1992).
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Cambridge Studies in International Relations / ; n.40
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327.101 / COXa
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