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Foreign Affairs
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New York: Council on Foreign Relations, mar.-abr. 2010
Vol., no.:
vol.89, n.2
Contiene: Comments: From the Sun King to Karzai / Sheri Berman.- Empty Promises? / Kenneth Roth.- Essays: Complexity and Collapse / Niall Ferguson.- After Iran Gets the Bomb / James M. Lindsay and Ray Takeyh.- Armistice Now / Ehud Yaari.- Global Energy After the Crisis / Christof Rühl.- India's Rise, America's Interest / Evan A. Feigenbaum.- The United States-Japan Security Treaty at 50 / George R. Packard.- New Treaty, New Influence? / Anthony Luzzatto Gardner and Stuart E. Eizenstat.- Enemies Into Friends / Charles A. Kupchan.- Reviews & Responses: Frostbitten / Lawrence D. Freedman.- Response Second Strike / Jan Lodal; James M. Acton; Hans M. Kristensen, Matthew McKinzie, and Ivan Oelrich; and Keir A. Lieber and Daryl G. Press.- Recent Books.
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