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The middle east in crisis
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Council on Foreing Relations
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New York: Foreign Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations, 2002
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178 p. il.
Contiene: From Peace to War. Middle East Peace Through Partition / David Makovsky, Foreign Affairs, March/April 2001. Palestinians Divided / Khalil Shikaki, Foreign Affairs, January/February 2002. The Last of the Patriarchs /Aluf Benn, Foreign Affairs,May/June 2002. The Last Negotiation / Hussein Agha, Robert Malley, Foreign Affairs, May/June 2002. Comment: Palestinian H-bomb / Gal Luft, Foreign Affairs, July/August 2002.- The United States and the Middle East. The Sentry's Solitude / Fouad Ajami, Foreign Affairs, November/December 2001. Back to the Bazaar / Martin Indyk, Foreign Affairs, January/February 2002. Trouble in the Kingdom / Eric Rouleau, Foreign Affairs, July/August 2002. Next Stop Baghdad? / Kenneth M. Pollack, Foreign Affairs, March/April 2002. Iran in the Balance / Puneet Talwar, Foreign Affairs, July/August 2001. The Rogue Who Came in From the Cold / Ray Takeyh, Foreign Affairs, May/June 2001. The Future of Political Islam /Graham E. Fuller, Foreign Affairs, March/April 2002. The Turmoil Within / James Piscatori, Foreign Affairs, May/June 2002.
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327.569 4 / COU
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