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Investment valuation
tools and techniques for determining the value of any asset
Damodaran, Aswath
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New York: John Wiley & Sons, 2002
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992 p. tbls., grafs.
Contiene: 1. Introduction to valuation. 2. Approaches to valuation. 3. Understanding financial statements. 4. The basics of risk. 5. Option pricing theory and models. 8. Market efficiency, definition, tests, and evidence. 7. Riskless rates and risk premiums. 8. Estimating risk parameters and costs of financing. 9. Measuring earnings. 10. From earnings to cash flows. 11. Estimating growth. 12. Closure in valuation: estimating terminal value. 13. Dividend discount models. 14. Free cash flow to equity discount models. 15. Firm valuation: cost of capital and adjusted present value approaches. 16. Estimating equity value per share. 17. Fundamental principles of relative valuation. 18. Earnings multiples. 19. Book value multiples. 20. Revenue multiples and sector-specific multiples. 21. Valuing financial service firms. 22. Valuing firms with negative earnings. 23. Valuing young or start-up firms. 24. Valuing private firms. 25. Acquisitions and takeovers. 26. Valuing real state. 27. Valuing other assets. 28. The option to delay and valuation implications. 29. The options to expand and to abandon: valuation implications. 30. Valuing equity in distressed firms. 31. Value enhancement: a discount cash valuation framework. 32. Valuing enhancement: economic value added, cash flow return on investment. 33. Valuing bonds. 34. Valuing futures and forward contracts. 35. Overview and conclusions.
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Wiley Finance
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