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Conflict and war in the Middle East
from interstate war to new security
Tibi, Bassam
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New York: Harvard University, St. Martin's, 1998
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318 p.
Contiene:Introduction: Middle Eastern Wars from the world historical and international systemic perspectives.- Part I.The international system as a configuration of regional subsystems: the case of the Middle East. 1.The science of international relations: between globalism and regionalism.- 2.The Middle East: its location and delimitation. II.From Araba Renaissance (NAHDA) to the Six Days War of 1967: the new historical epoch after june 1967.- 4.The regional and international repercussions of the Six Day War: the end of Nasserism and the beginning of a new historical epoch. III.The 1973 october War: the regional dynamic of the Middle East conflict and the superpowers, arms, oil and shifts in regional and international alliances. 5.The Yom Kippur, Ramadan or October War? Historical continuity form the six Day Ward to the nineteen Day War.- 6.The superpowers and the october war.- 7.October 1973: The War with Arms and the War with oil: Petro-dollar power and the 1973-77 Saudi-Egyptian Axis; its revival during the Iran-Iraz War and its afetermath. IV.The Gulf War, its linkages and background: regional dynamic and the fragmentation of the Middle East in the post-cold War Era. 8.The Middle East between the 1973 october War and the 1990-91 Gulf War: an epidemically militarised region of conflict?- 9.From the Iraq-Kuwait conflict to the Gulf War.- 10.The historical context of conflict and war in the Middle East in the Light of the Gulf War. V.New security and reordering the Middle East at he turn of the century: the new challenges. 11-The Arab State System in the aftermath of Middle Eastern Ward and the vision of "The New Middle East".-12.Middle eastern security in the Post-Cold War Era: from interstate war to the challenge of Islamic Fundamentalism
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