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Inequality, democracy, and economic development
Midlarsky, Manus I.
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Cambridge: Cambridge University, 1997
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368 p. tbls., grafs.
Contiene: I. The early bases of democracy. 1. Democracy before Athens / Kenneth A. Bollen, Pamela M. Paxton. 2. Environmental influences on democracy: aridty, warfare and land inequality / Manus I. Midlarsky, Elizabeth Midlarsky. 3. Democracy and proto-modernity: technoecological influences on the growth of political and civil rights / Edward Crenshaw. 4. Inequality and democracy in the antrhopological record / Melvin Ember, Carol R. Ember, Bruce Russett.- II. Economic development and thresholds of democracy. 5. Economic determinants of democracy / Edward N. Muller. 6. Informational inequality and democracy in the new world order / Miles Simpson. 7. Modernization and threshold soft democracy: evidence for a common path and process / Michael Coppedge. 8. Markets and inequality in the transition from state socialism / Victor Nee, Raymond L. Liedka.- III. Responses to democratization. 9. Democracy and inequality: tracking welfare spending in Singapore, Taiwan, ans South Korea / Steve Chan. 10. Political regimes and industrial wages: a cross-national analysis / Mark J. Gasiorowski. 11. Social responses to neoliberal reforms in Eastern Europe in the 1990`s / Béla Greskovits. 12. Market, state, and citizenship in new democracies / Giusseppe Di Palma. Conclusion: Paradoxes of democracy / Manus I. Midlarsky.
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