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Selected military writings of Mao Tse-Tung
Mao, Tse-Tung
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Peking: Foreing Languages, 1966
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410 p.
Contiene: Why is that red political power can exist in China? (October 5,1928).- The struggle in the Chingkang mountains. (November 25,1928).- On correcting mistaken ideas in the party. (December 1929).- A single spark can start a prairie fire. (January 5,1930).- Problems of strategy in China 's Revolutionary War. (December 1936).- Problems of strategy in guerrilla war against Japan. ( May 1938).- On protracted war. (May 1938).- Problems of war and strategy (November 6,1938).- Conclusions on the repulse of the second anticommunist onslaught (May 8,1941).- The turning point in World War II (October 12,1942).- On coalition government (two excerpts, "The people's war", "The people'army) (April 24,1945).- On production by the army for its own support and on the importance of the great movements for rectification and for
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320.5 / MAOs
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