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Detalles de la obra

China in the new millennium
market reforms and social development
Dorn, James A., ed.
Pie de imprenta:
Washington: Cato Institute, 1998
Descripción física:
416 p.
Contiene: 1.Introduction:China in the new millennium/J.A.Dorn. I.The future of China's market economy. 2.China: an emerging "economic superpower"/Ch.Wolf.- 3.China's unfinished economic experiment/N.R.Lardy.- 4.The current state of China's Economic reforms/J.Yifu Lin.- 5.Development of the nonstate sector and reform of state enterprises in China/F.Gang.- 6.A true market economy for China/Z.Dun Ren.- 7.China's future: market socialism or market taoism?/J.A.Dorn. II.Lessons for China from Hong Kong. 8.Free trade and the future of China's market economy:insights from Hong Kong/Y.Wai Hong.- Hong Kong and financial liberalization in China:past and future/J.Y.W.Pang.- 10.Hong Kong as a model for China/W.J.McGurn.- 11.Hong Kong,economic freedom, and lessons for China/J.D.Gwartney. III.China's place in the global trading order. 12.The WTO and China's objectives as a world trading power/W.Hai.- 13.China's telecommunications sector and the WTO:can China conform to the telecom regulatory principles?/M.Mueller.- 14.Liberalizing China's foreign exchange regime/Y.C.R.Wong,M.L.S.Wong.- 15.Trade and the troubled US-China relationship/T.G.Carpenter. IV.Social Development in China. 16.Civil society versus political society: China at a crossroads/E.H.Crane.- 17.The growth of civil society in China/M.Pei.- 18.Market development and the rural women's revolution in contemporary China/K.Xiao Zhou.- 19.Getting over equality/P.J.O'Rourke.- 20.Empowering people: what China can learn from Chile/J.Piñera.- 21.Using market mechanisms to provide retirement security and health care in China/M.Tanner. V.Institutional choice and China's development. 22.A constitution of liberty for China/R.Pilon.- 23.Simple tax rules for China/S.Moore.- 24.Sustainable development: a model for China?/J.Taylor
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338.951 / DOR
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