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Vision and method in historical sociology
Skocpol, Theda, ed.
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Cambridge: Cambridge University, 1984
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410 p.
Contiene: 1. Sociology's historical imagination / Teda Skopol. 2. The social and historical landscape of Marc Bloch / Daniel Chirot. 3. Beyond the economistic fallacy: the holistic Social Science of Karl Polanyi / Fred Block, Margaret R. Somers. 4. Configurations in history: the Historical Sociology of S.N.Eisenstadt / Gary G. Hamilton. 5. Theoretical generalization and historical particularity in the comparative sociology of Reinhard Bendix / Dietrich Rueschemeyer. 6. Destined pathways: the historical Sociology of Perry Anderson / Mary Fulbrook, Theda Skocpol. 7. E.P. Thompson: understanding the process of History / Ellen Kay Trimberger. 8. Charles Tilly`s collectice action / Lynn Hunt. 9. The world system of Immanuel Wallerstein: sociology and politics as History / Charles Ragin, Daniel Chirot. 10. Discovering facts and values: the Historical Sociology of Barrington Moore / Dennis Smith. 11. Emerging agendas and recurrent strategies in Historical Sociology / Theda Skocpol.
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